As a designer and art director Anna feels strongly that good design must serve its function. A design may be sensuous, emotionally evocative, clever or powerful, but in order to be a success it must
also serve its purpose effectively.

Anna approaches every project with a rigorous attention to detail,
while keeping an eye on the big picture, and strives to create clean, intelligent designs.

Serious and thoughtful by nature, Anna also has a deeply creative streak. She is a real team player and seeks to inspire the best work from everyone involved. Anna takes pleasure in starting with a concept and devising a system, a vessel, or form that is unusual yet embodies the core thought or idea.

After graduating magna cum laude in 1999 from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Visual Design and Contemporary Culture, Anna has worked: in Los Angeles as a designer for Melanie Paykos Design which creates licensing and other promotional projects for the entertainment industry; in New York, art directing The New York Times Upfront, a news magazine for teens; and in Paris as a freelance designer and art director doing editorial, advertising, web and branding work for a variety of agencies and clients.

A native New Yorker, Anna is inseparable from her digital camera, travels frequently to rock climb and speaks fluent French. She is inspired by great architecture and passionate about great food.